Zappi EV Car charger (untethered)

Installation included

About Zappi – The smart EV charger in a league of its own.

Zappi (untethered) is an EV charging point  which does not have a cable to plug into your car to charge as your car will be supplied with one. It has special eco charging modes to optimise self-consumption of on-site solar PV, wind etc. There are three separate charging mode options:

FAST charge mode – works like most other EV charging stations, charging fast (7kW max power), just like an ordinary Mode 3 charging point. The actual charge rate depends on the EV’s onboard charger and the grid supply voltage.

ECO mode – the car will charge at a minimum rate of 1.4kW, fluctuating above this as surplus solar power allows, Should surplus power falls below the minimum charge rate of 1.4kW, the shortfall will be drawn from the conventional grid.


ECO+ mode – Again, the EV will charge at the minimum rate of 1.4KW, fluctuating above this as surplus power permits, however charging will be paused if surplus power falls below the Min Green Level. For example, with the Min Green Level set to 50%, charging will be paused if 700W of power is being imported from the grid and will resume when there is 700W of power being exported.

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Installation Included

Installation Included